Recording this fall!!


It is official the band is recording our first EP with the original line up in 25 years this fall. In talks with Bart Thurber from House of Faith about the exact dates. These songs have a lot more Groove and Rock and Rollish parts. It is really fun to play and not as heavy as we used to be. It feels good to be in a place where we can record and get out and play live again which will happen this winter and into 2019. It is time for Humanomaly to rise and let our voices be heard because we have something to say and something to contribute to the world around us. Really excited about this and can't wait to share this recording with you and perform for you.. 

Welcome to Humanomaly's new webpage


Hey friends, we decided to change the spelling of our band name and just fused it into one word. Same band different spelling. I uploaded ruff versions of 'Gumball Rally' and 'Fly'. I will also be posting a couple new videos in the next week as we just recently recorded new renditions of the songs with 3 camera angles. HA has a lot coming up this year. Recording in the summer and playing out fall and winter. We have spent a lot of time with this new material and it is really gelling. Can't wait to share!!  

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