Humanomaly show


Hey friends and fans! We had a blast at the Bistro show on June 13th! I got a couple videos up for those of you who couldn't make it. I also loaded 4 of our jams from practice into the improv Widget on the home page and added a Music and Lyric tab so you can listen and read along with the lyrics in real time. The band has gotten really tight and we have 5 that are done that we have really gelled on. And two that are pretty much written just working on the arrangement. It blew me away how tight the rhythm section has gotten live at the show. Gary Niederhoff on Bass and Phil Romero on Drums. It was an honor to be up there with them. We are building momentum with steady practice. More news to come..

Welcome to Humanomaly's new webpage


Hey friends, we decided to change the spelling of our band name and just fused it into one word. Same band different spelling. I uploaded ruff versions of 'Gumball Rally' and 'Fly'. I will also be posting a couple new videos in the next week as we just recently recorded new renditions of the songs with 3 camera angles.

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